Naked Lie

Naked Lie is a made-for-television movie that was originally released in 1989. Naked Lie's two main stars are James Farentino and Victoria Principal. James Farentino plays a highly respected judge in this movie. In addition, Victoria Principal plays an accomplished attorney and has another major function throughout the story. Victoria Principal's other function throughout the story is that she is the secret lover of James Farentino. Actually, Farentino and Principal are opponents within the courtroom. However, outside of the courtroom the situation between the couple is quite different.

Victoria Principal plays the part of Joann Dawson, and James Farentino plays the part of Judge Jonathan Morris. The fact that the couple are on opposite sides of the spectrum often leads to violent encounters and exchanges between them.

Naked Lie is based on the murder of a prostitute in which Joann Dawson is attempting to seek a conviction against the pimp. In reality, the pimp is not responsible for the murder of the prostitute at all. The actual murderer is not the pimp, but in fact Judge Jonathan Morris. Once Dawson learns the truth about the real murderer, she is forced to make some very tough decisions at least on her part. Dawson must make some serious choices concerning morality, love and justice.

This drama romance is directed by Richard Colla and received positive reviews.

| 1989 | 1 hr 40 min | 5.9/10
Victoria Principal, James Farentino, Glenn Withrow, William Lucking
Richard A. Colla
Naked Lie
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