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  • 1980
  • 6.8  (290)

Ninaithale Inikkum is a Tamil language Indian film released in the year 1979. Directed by K. Balachander, the movie features an ensemble cast including Kamal Haasan, Jaya Prada, Rajinikanth, Geetha, and others. The movie is a romantic drama that explores the innermost emotions and feelings of the characters. The movie opens with a flashback where Vasu (Kamal Haasan) and Viji (Jaya Prada) are shown as college students. They are best friends and share a deep bond. However, soon Vasu realizes that he has fallen in love with Viji. But, he keeps his feelings to himself, fearing that it might ruin their friendship.

The story then jumps to the present where Vasu has become a renowned playback singer, while Viji is a successful journalist. While Viji is interviewing Vasu, he confesses his feelings for her. Shocked and taken aback, Viji refuses to reciprocate his feelings, citing their friendship as the reason.

On the other hand, Viji falls in love with Prasad (Rajinikanth), who is a colleague of hers. Prasad reciprocates her love, and they start dating. However, Vasu is unable to get over his feelings for Viji and is heartbroken when he sees her with Prasad.

The movie explores the complex emotional dynamics between the three lead characters. While Vasu tries to move on from his feelings for Viji, she too realizes the importance of their friendship and is torn between her love for Prasad and her affection for Vasu.

Ninaithale Inikkum delves into the themes of unrequited love, friendship, and betrayal. It portrays the difficulties and complexities of romantic relationships and highlights the importance of communication.

The music of the movie, composed by M.S. Viswanathan, is another highlight. The songs, including "Kannae Kalaimane" and "Azhaikkiraan Madhavan", are evergreen and still remain popular among music lovers.

The performances of the lead actors are commendable. Kamal Haasan portrays the character of Vasu with ease and charm. His portrayal of a conflicted and heartbroken Vasu is truly remarkable. Jaya Prada, too, gives a nuanced performance as Viji. Her chemistry with both Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth is palpable on-screen. Rajinikanth, in a supporting role, does justice to his character of Prasad.

Overall, Ninaithale Inikkum is a must-watch for any fan of Tamil cinema. It is a timeless classic that explores the intricacies of human relationships and emotions. With memorable music, stellar performances, and a gripping storyline, the movie is a treat for the senses.

Ninaithale Inikkum
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