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  • 1960
  • 7.4  (143)

Parakh is a classic Hindi film from 1960 that revolves around the theme of corruption in society. Directed by Bimal Roy, the movie boasts of a star cast including Motilal, Vasant Choudhury, and Sadhana Shivdasani. The story is set in a small village where a wealthy man, Rai Bahadur Chunilal, decides to donate his fortune to the village in order to make the village a better place. However, he wants to ensure that his money is used for the betterment of the villagers rather than being misused by corrupt officials. He comes up with a unique plan to test the honesty of the villagers and appoints a committee to find the most honest person in the village to be the trustee of his fortune.

The committee, composed of some of the most respected and honest villagers, decides to run a test on different individuals in the village to find the most honest one. The tests range from leaving a bag of money unattended to leaving a diamond ring in a crowded market.

As the tests progress, a young and honest postman, Dhani Ram, emerges as the most trustworthy person in the village. He is appointed as the trustee of Rai Bahadur’s fortune. However, this decision does not go well with some of the corrupt officials as they fear that their misdeeds will be exposed.

The movie then takes an interesting turn as the corrupt officials try to incriminate Dhani Ram and falsely implicate him in a theft case. The village is divided into those who believe in Dhani Ram’s honesty and those who believe in the fabricated accusations against him.

In the end, it is the honesty and integrity of Dhani Ram that prevails, and he is exonerated of all false allegations. The corrupt officials are exposed, and justice is served. The movie ends with the message of honesty and integrity being the only way to root out corruption from society.

Parakh was a critically acclaimed film of its time and was hailed for its impeccable storytelling and strong performances. The movie also tackled the theme of corruption in a very subtle yet effective manner, making it one of the most iconic Hindi movies of all time.

Motilal, who played the role of Rai Bahadur Chunilal, delivered one of the most outstanding performances of his career. Vasant Choudhury, who played the postman Dhani Ram, also impressed the audience with his portrayal of an honest and righteous man. Sadhana Shivdasani, who played the love interest of Dhani Ram, provided the perfect foil to the male leads.

The music of the film, composed by Salil Chowdhury, was also top-notch and added to the movie’s overall appeal. The song “O Sajna Barkha Bahar Aaye,” sung by Lata Mangeshkar, became an instant hit and is still remembered as one of the best songs of Hindi cinema.

In conclusion, Parakh is a must-watch Hindi movie for those who appreciate the art of filmmaking. The movie raises some very important questions about corruption and its impact on society. The gripping narrative, coupled with exceptional performances by the cast, makes this film a true classic of Indian cinema.

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