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  • 2017
  • 1 hr 50 min
  • 6.7  (75)

Pareeth Pandaari is a 2017 Malayalam language drama film directed by debutant Gafoor Elliyas. The movie features Kalabhavan Shajohn, Sajitha Madathil and Ansiba Hassan in the lead roles with the supporting cast including Sudhi Koppa, Hareesh Perumanna, and Sunil Sukhada. The movie is set in a small village in Kerala and revolves around a man named Pareeth (played by Kalabhavan Shajohn). He is a local plumber who leads a simple life with his wife and daughter. Pareeth is a man who is always ready to help anyone in need, and the villagers rely on him for their plumbing needs. He has a racehorse named Pandaari that he loves and cares for as a family member.

The story takes a turn when Stephen (played by Sudhi Koppa), a wealthy businessman, enters the village and offers to buy Pareeth's horse. Pareeth, initially hesitant to sell Pandaari, eventually agrees when he realizes that the money from the sale can help him fulfill his family's dreams of a better life.

However, things take a dark turn when Pareeth finds out that Stephen's true intention is to use Pandaari for illegal horse racing. Pareeth feels guilty and responsible for his horse's well-being and decides to rescue him, which leads to a series of events that test Pareeth's strength and determination.

The movie brilliantly portrays the bond between a man and his horse and the struggles of a simple man who tries to make his family's life better. The movie's theme resonates with the sentiment of the common man and highlights the need to protect animals and their welfare.

The performances of the lead actors, Kalabhavan Shajohn, Sajitha Madathil, and Ansiba, are commendable. Kalabhavan Shajohn's portrayal of Pareeth is heartwarming and adds depth to the character. Sajitha Madathil, who plays Pareeth's wife, is exceptional in her role and delivers a subtle performance.

The movie's cinematography is impressive, capturing the rustic beauty of the village and the simplicity of the people living there. The editing is smooth, and the movie moves at a steady pace, keeping the viewers engaged throughout.

Overall, Pareeth Pandaari is a movie that is not just about a man and his horse; it is about the power of love, compassion, and the will to fight against all odds. The movie's message is clear - love and protect the animals around us, and they will love us back unconditionally. The movie is a must-watch for those who love a good family drama with a heartwarming message.

Pareeth Pandaari
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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    1 hr 50 min
  • Language
  • IMDB Rating
    6.7  (75)