Parthale Paravasam

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"Parthale Paravasam" is a Tamil language romantic film from '00s India. Madhava is a physician whose single film role as a hero has won him the affection of countless females. He winds up marrying Simi, but a discovery about Madhava's past forces them to split. The two still remain friends, even to the point of helping each other with their next spouse. These plans wind up placing their second marriages on the same date. Yet even these secondary plans are foiled for various reasons. The film draws the audience in by wondering if Madhava and Simi will ever successfully wed.

2001 |
Madhavan, Simran, Lawrence Raghavendra, Sneha, Vaali, Vivek
K. Balachander
Produced By
Pushpa Kandaswamy
Parthale Paravasam
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