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  • 2019
  • 113 hr

Patra Chai is a Bengali drama film released in 2019 that revolves around the life of an old man who has been struggling to get his pension from the government despite repeated attempts. The movie starring Sabyasachi Chakrabarty in the lead role brings to light the bureaucratic complexities that senior citizens face while trying to avail themselves of their rightful dues.

The movie opens with the introduction of an aged man, Shibnath (Sabyasachi Chakrabarty), who is struggling with his daily needs despite being entitled to a pension. He spends his days in lines at the government offices hoping to get a chance to meet the officials and get his work done. His life takes a dramatic turn when he comes across an ambitious young woman (Madhumita Sarkar) who has joined a political party and promises to help him get his pension. Shibnath starts to believe that his life will change, but soon realizes that his hope is just a mirage.

The storyline of the movie highlights the struggles that senior citizens face while dealing with the system. It showcases how the old, frail, and helpless people are often taken for a ride with empty promises and assurances by the political parties. The story also sheds light on the corruption that exists in the system and how the bureaucracy often fails to deliver the due benefits to the elderly.

The movie also features a few other important characters such as Shibnath's wife (Mithu Chakraborty), who is trying to support her husband in every way possible, and a young journalist (Manoj Ojha) who is trying to expose the system's corrupt practices. As the story progresses, the characters' paths cross, leading to an intense and engaging climax.

The film's strength lies in its potent script, which is resonant with the current socio-political scenario in India. The actors have done a commendable job, especially Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, who has portrayed the character of Shibnath with finesse. The other actors have also done justice to their roles.

The cinematography and background score of the movie are also worth mentioning, as they beautifully capture the mood and tone of the story. The director has skillfully used various elements to create a poignant narrative that speaks volumes about the plight of the elderly.

In conclusion, Patra Chai is a hard-hitting movie that explores pertinent issues that are often brushed aside in our society. It is a must-watch for anyone interested in social justice and the system's functioning. The movie has garnered appreciation from critics and audience alike and has been received positively. The film's message is clear, and it urges its audience to be more empathetic towards the elderly and sensitive to their needs.

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    113 hr