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"Cruel. Controlling. Comatose."
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  • 2013
  • 1 hr 36 min
  • 4.9  (4,152)
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Patrick is a horror and thriller film that premiered in 2013, directed by Mark Hartley. The movie features a stellar cast, including Sharni Vinson, Rachel Griffiths, and Charles Dance. The plot revolves around a young nurse who takes a job at a remote hospital where she meets a comatose patient who appears to have dangerous psychic powers.

The movie opens with a young nurse named Kathy Jacquard (Sharni Vinson) who takes a job at a secluded hospital in the countryside. Her first assignment is to take care of Patrick (Jackson Gallagher), a comatose patient who has been in a vegetative state for years. She quickly realizes that there is something strange about Patrick when she witnesses bizarre occurrences around his room. Despite her concerns, the hospital's superintendent, Matron Cassidy (Rachel Griffiths), assures her that Patrick is entirely harmless.

As Kathy spends more time with Patrick, strange things begin to happen around her. She realizes that Patrick has psychic powers that he uses to manipulate everyone around him. He can move objects, possess people, and even kill them with his thoughts. Kathy becomes increasingly concerned about Patrick's powers, and she decides to delve deeper into his medical history to uncover the reason behind his abilities.

She discovers that Patrick suffered from abuse from his abusive mother and as a result, his abilities emerged as a coping mechanism to deal with his trauma. Now he uses his powers to exact revenge on anyone who crosses him. Kathy knows that she needs to stop Patrick before he can hurt anyone else, but she faces significant obstacles along the way. Patrick's powers are strong, and he proves to be a formidable foe.

The movie is a well-crafted horror flick that keeps the viewer on edge throughout its runtime. The plotline is a bit predictable, but it is executed well, with excellent pacing and well-placed jump scares. The film's set design is also impressive, particularly Patrick's hospital room, which is dark, creepy, and claustrophobic.

One of the most significant strengths of the movie is its cast. Sharni Vinson delivers a convincing and powerful performance as the courageous nurse determined to uncover the truth about Patrick. Rachel Griffiths is perfectly cast as the menacing and ruthless Matron Cassidy. Charles Dance also delivers a solid performance as Dr. Roget, a neurologist who is initially skeptical of Patrick's abilities but later becomes convinced of their authenticity.

Overall, Patrick is a well-made horror film that delivers the scares and thrills expected of the genre. While the plot may not be entirely unique, it is executed well, and the movie's cast is top-notch. The ending of the movie is somewhat predictable, but it is still satisfying and leaves the viewer feeling somewhat haunted. If you are a horror fan looking for a good scare, Patrick is an excellent choice.

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