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"She'll go straight to your heart with her laughs, her tears, her songs. Sad moments, glad moments, they're all here in the story of the immortal Peg that has won the heart of the world."
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  • 1933
  • 1 hr 27 min
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Peg O' My Heart is a 1933 black and white drama film starring Marion Davies as Peggy, a plucky Irish girl who is brought to the United States by her wealthy father's family. The film opens with Peggy, who is living in poverty in Ireland with her mother, receiving a letter from her father's sister inviting her to come and live with them in America.

Despite her mother's initial reluctance, Peggy decides to make the journey to America in the hopes of securing a better life for herself and her family. Upon her arrival, she is shocked to discover that her father's family, the Chichesters, are not the warm and welcoming family she had imagined them to be. Instead, they are cold and distant, treating her as an unwanted outsider.

Undeterred, Peggy sets out to melt the hearts of her new family members, starting with her cousin Alaric (Onslow Stevens). Though initially hostile towards her, Alaric soon becomes captivated by Peggy's charming Irish ways, and he takes her under his wing, showing her the ropes of high society life in America.

As Peggy becomes more comfortable in her new surroundings, she starts to develop feelings for Alaric, but she soon discovers that he is engaged to be married to a wealthy socialite. Heartbroken, Peggy decides to return to Ireland, but not before she has one final confrontation with the Chichester family, telling them exactly what she thinks of them and their snobbish ways.

Despite the adversities she faces, Peggy emerges as a strong and resilient young woman, determined to make her own way in the world.

Peg O' My Heart is a poignant tale of love and self-discovery, brought to life by the wonderful on-screen chemistry between Marion Davies and Onslow Stevens. The film's message about the importance of family and the power of perseverance still resonates strongly with modern audiences, making it a timeless classic of 1930s cinema.

Throughout the film, Davies shines as the spirited and tenacious Peggy, bringing a delightful sense of humor and wit to her performance. Onslow Stevens also delivers a standout performance as Alaric, perfectly capturing the character's transformation from a stuffy aristocrat to a kind and caring friend.

One of the film's other standout performances comes from J. Farrell MacDonald, who plays the role of Michael, Peggy's loyal and devoted servant. MacDonald's portrayal of Michael is heartwarming and endearing, adding a touch of warmth and humanity to the film.

In addition to its strong cast, Peg O' My Heart is also notable for its impressive production values, which were cutting-edge for the time. The film's costumes and sets are both lavish and ornate, perfectly capturing the opulence and decadence of high society life in the early 20th century.

Overall, Peg O' My Heart is a wonderfully uplifting and entertaining film that has stood the test of time. Its universal themes of love, family, and perseverance continue to resonate with modern audiences, making it a must-watch for fans of classic Hollywood cinema.

Peg O' My Heart
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