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  • 1936
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When the Revolutionary War breaks out, hopelessly romantic Southern belle Patricia O'Rourke (Marion Davies) finds herself torn between her loyalty to her country and her love for her British fiance, Captain John Fenton (Dick Powell). Hearts Divided is a historical romance film with a touch of comedy that follows Patricia as she navigates the challenges of love and war.

The movie begins with Patricia's family hosting a ball to celebrate her engagement to Captain Fenton. While the couple is dancing, news of the war breaks out, and Fenton is called to duty. Patricia is torn between her patriotic duty to her country and her love for Fenton, who is fighting for the British. As the war rages on, Patricia finds herself increasingly conflicted and must decide where her loyalties lie.

Throughout the movie, Patricia's family and friends showcase their loyalty to the revolutionary cause. Patricia's cousin and childhood friend, David (Charles Ruggles), is a fervent patriot who tries to convince Patricia to join the cause. Patricia's father, played by Claude Rains, is also a strong supporter of American independence, and his opinions clash with Patricia's love for Fenton.

Hearts Divided has a good balance of drama, comedy and romance. Despite the subject matter, the movie manages to be light and charming, thanks to the witty dialogue and the chemistry between the actors. Marion Davies plays Patricia with charm and elegance, and Dick Powell is equally charming as the rakishly handsome Captain Fenton. Charles Ruggles provides comic relief as the bumbling but well-meaning David.

The movie's love triangle raises some interesting questions about loyalty and patriotism. Patricia's struggle between her love for Fenton and her duty to her country reflect a larger conflict between the colonies and Britain. As one of the few Southern characters in the movie, Patricia's struggle also highlights the division between the North and South.

The movie's historical accuracy is somewhat questionable, as it takes some liberties with the timeline of events. For example, the movie suggests that George Washington was Patricia's father's dentist, which is far-fetched. However, these inaccuracies can be forgiven thanks to the movie's light-hearted tone and emphasis on romance over history.

One of the movie's standout moments is a lavish musical number set in the court of Louis XVI, where Patricia meets Benjamin Franklin (played by Ian Keith). The costumes and set design are grand and lavish, and the choreography is impressive. This scene stands out as a highlight of the movie and showcases Marion Davies' talent as a singer and dancer.

Overall, Hearts Divided is a charming romantic comedy with a historical backdrop. The movie's witty dialogue and charming performances make it an enjoyable watch, despite some historical inaccuracies. The movie is also notable for being one of the last films Marion Davies made before retiring from acting.

Hearts Divided
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