Phoolon Ki Sej

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  • NR
  • 1964
  • 2 hr 28 min
  • 5.7  (38)

Phoolon Ki Sej is a classic Indian movie from the year 1964, directed by K. A. Abbas. It stars some of the most prominent actors of that era, including Vyjayanthimala, Ashok Kumar, and Anjali Devi, among others. The movie is a beautiful depiction of love, sacrifice, and the hardships faced by people in an era where societal norms and values were very different from what we see today.

The movie tells the story of two childhood friends, Rekha (played by Vyjayanthimala) and Amar (played by Rajendra Kumar). They grow up together, and as they enter adulthood, they realize that they are in love with each other. However, their families are against their match as they come from different castes. Rekha's father is a rich landlord, while Amar is a poor farmer.

Rekha's father, Thakur (played by Ashok Kumar), is a very traditional and proud man who is unwilling to accept a lower-caste boy as his daughter's husband. He marries her off to a wealthy businessman, leaving Amar heartbroken. Amar, unable to bear the pain of losing his love, leaves his village and moves to the city to try his luck.

In the city, Amar meets a kind-hearted woman named Janki (played by Anjali Devi), who owns a tea-shop. Janki sees Amar's pain and decides to help him. She offers him a job and a place to stay, and over time, they grow fond of each other. However, Amar still loves Rekha and dreams of being reunited with her.

Meanwhile, Rekha's marriage to the businessman is unhappy, and she longs to be with Amar. She tries to contact him but gets no response. In the midst of all this, Thakur's reputation as a landlord is at stake, and he needs money to save his reputation. He forces Rekha to sell her jewellery and take a loan from the businessman. However, the businessman demands that Rekha pay back the money with interest, which she cannot afford.

Rekha decides to take matters into her own hands and starts to work at Janki's tea-shop. One day, Amar comes to the tea-shop, and they are reunited. However, things take a turn for the worse when the businessman and Thakur find out about their reunion. They both try to harm Amar, but in the end, justice prevails, and Amar and Rekha are able to finally be together.

The movie has several beautiful songs that complement the storyline perfectly. The music is composed by Ravi, and the lyrics are written by Sahir Ludhianvi. The songs were a major hit among the audience and are still popular today.

Overall, Phoolon Ki Sej is a movie that has stood the test of time. It portrays the struggles of love in an era where the caste system was prevalent and shows the power of selflessness and sacrifice. The performances by the actors are excellent, and the direction by K. A. Abbas is top-notch. Phoolon Ki Sej is a classic that is worth watching for anyone who loves romantic movies.

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    5.7  (38)