Powwow Highway

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The American Dream takes on a grim detour for the Lame Deer tribe of Northern Cheyenne, Montana. A quick-tempered activist named Buddy Red Bow is dealing with money-grubbing developers that send out a fast-talking, cunning Sandy Youngblood on the reservation to attempt to convince the council to vote in support of a strip-mining deal.

Philbert Bono is actually a tranquil hulk of a person that is carefully guided by holy visions. He frantically desires to locate his tokens and medicine from the ancestral spirits, and begins his quest becoming a warrior through trading some booze, marijuana, and a couple of dollars for his precious 'war pony' - the beat up, rusted out, 1964 Buick Wildcat that he labels 'Protector'. In the meantime, Buddy's estranged sibling, Bonnie, is caught within Santa Fe, New Mexico. Unfortunately, Buddy may be the only member of the family who is able to aid her and her kids, Sky and Jane Red Bow.

Buddy doesn't own a vehicle. Therefore he's pressured to make the trip with Philbert. They started out on a road trip together. Philbert's easy-going ways and persistence to eat and pray on frequent stops prove to be annoying in the beginning to Buddy. However, the men arrive at an understanding as their journey wears on. After they ultimately reach Santa Fe, they speak to Bonnie's close friend, Rabbit that is likewise looking to get Bonnie from jail.

Philbert and Buddy wind up taking a lot more than just a trip coming from Lame Deer towards Santa Fe, discovering themselves with numerous unanticipated stops, twists and turns during the trip. With each other, they encounter the dreams and realities of being Cheyenne within the present-day United States as move forward the Powwow Highway.

| 1989 | 1 hr 27 min | 7.2/10
A Martinez, Gary Farmer, Joanelle Romero, Amanda Wyss
Jonathan Wacks
Produced By
George Harrison, Denis O
Powwow Highway
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