Price of Glory

"Sometimes the toughest battles are fought in your own family."
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Price of Glory is a sports drama that was written by Phil Berger. Directed by Carlos Avila, the movie features Jimmy Smits, Jon Seda and Maria del Mar. The story follows Arturo Ortega (played by Jimmy Smits), a father of Mexican heritage who was at one time a boxer. After being beaten badly in a fight, he is obsessed with getting even - through the lives of his sons.

Training them as boxers called The Fighting Ortegas, Arturo makes every attempt at dominating their lives. However, his bad career management causes his personal relationships to fail.

He pushes his kids and browbeats them - to the consternation but helplessness of his wife, Rita (played by Maria Del Mar). He criticizes one of his children’s victories, citing that the style was incorrect. His sons are also not very interested in pursuing their father’s quest for greatness in the ring.

Ten years later, his children are young men - Sonny (played by Jon Seda), Jimmy (played by Clifton Collins Jr.) and Johnny (played by Ernesto Hernandez). Their relationships are all the same. Sonny is considered the best at boxing, but the eldest is most driven. Jimmy, however, is rebellious and resentful. Because of his drive, Johnny has real potential. The youngest son seems most interested in just pleasing his father. At this point, the family is very dysfunctional and all that seems to hold them together is their bloodline.

Making matters worse is the family’s connection to fight promoter, Nick Everson (played by Ron Perlman). He is an intimidating presence that controls big fight bookings. Arturo struggles against him, trying to manage his son’s careers by himself. Everson also has thugs he relies upon, though they are not too frightening.

Despite all of the issues that the family faces, the boys’ boxing careers begin to flourish. However, because of the fractured relationships that have resulted, the victories seem to carry little meaning.

| 2000 | 1 hr 58 min | 6.3/10 | 32/100
Jimmy Smits, Maria del Mar, Jon Seda, Clifton Collins Jr.
Carlos Ávila
Produced By
Arthur Friedman, Moctesuma Esparza
Price of Glory
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