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"Sometimes the toughest battles are fought in your own family."
  • PG-13
  • 2000
  • 1 hr 58 min
  • 6.1  (897)
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Price of Glory is an American sports drama movie directed by Carlos Avila and written by Phil Berger. The film stars Jimmy Smits as Arturo Ortega, a former boxer who becomes a demanding boxing trainer who tries to push his three sons to become professional boxers. Maria del Mar plays his wife, who is worried about their boxer sons and their future, and Jon Seda plays his eldest son, Louie, a talented and ambitious boxer who struggles to live up to his father's expectations.

The movie is set in the southwestern United States, where Arturo Ortega is trying to make a living through boxing after his own career is cut short due to an injury. He pours his own aspirations and dreams into his three sons, hoping that one of them will become a professional fighter and bring honor to their family name. Louie, the eldest son, shows the most potential and becomes Arturo's primary focus. However, as Louie tries to navigate the brutal and corrupt world of boxing, he's forced to make sacrifices and choices that will test his loyalty to both his father and his own dreams.

Price of Glory is a story of grit, determination, and family loyalty, set against the backdrop of the boxing world. The movie explores the intense relationship between a father and his sons, and the impact that that relationship can have on their lives. Arturo's obsession with boxing is both his driving force and his downfall, as he pushes his sons to the brink of their capabilities and takes on every opportunity for them to succeed. His pride often blinds him to the reality of the situation, and it takes a tragedy for him to realize the true cost of his actions.

Louie, the central character, is torn between his father's expectations and his own desires. As he rises in the boxing world, he must also deal with the corrupt forces that threaten his livelihood, including a rival promoter and a crooked fight manager. He's also forced to confront his own limitations and fears, as he tries to make it to the top of the competitive boxing world. His struggles are compounded by the fact that his father is his trainer, making it impossible for him to separate his personal and professional lives.

The movie is not just about boxing, it's about family dynamics, and what happens when a family's aspirations are compromised. Arturo's obsession with boxing puts a strain on his relationship with his wife and other two sons, who feel neglected and overlooked. His single-minded focus on Louie's boxing career takes a toll on Louie's emotional well-being and causes a rift between him and the people he cares about. The film explores the complicated dynamics between a father and his sons, and the impact that their choices have on their lives.

Overall, Price of Glory is an engaging and emotional movie that explores the highs and lows of the world of professional boxing. It's a story of family loyalty, tragedy, and love, set against the backdrop of the southwestern United States. The esteemed cast, led by Jimmy Smits, delivers powerful and convincing performances that make the film an unforgettable experience.

Price of Glory
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