The 2005 film Private is a movie about a Palestinian family that has been trapped in a home that was taken over by the Israeli military. Private is the story of Mohammad and his family during a battle between Israeli and Palestinian forces. Mohammad, along with his wife and children, lives in a large house that happens to be located in a strategic spot between the two forces. The Israeli army decides that by capturing the home they will gain a tactical advantage in the conflict. The main focus of the story becomes Mohammad's stance against violence, his refusal to leave his home during the Israeli occupation and his struggle to keep his family safe and together throughout the occupation of his home. As Mohammad and his family wait for the Israeli forces to leave their home they are forced to live in just a few rooms on the main floor of the house during the day. At night the entire family of 7 is further restricted by the soldiers to only one room. The family struggles over being caught in the crossfire of the conflict and being restrained in their own home as all they can do is await the return or normalcy when the soldiers finally leave. Private is the first film by director Saverio Costanzo and was a collaborative writing effort between Camilla Costanzo, Saverio Costanzo, Alessio Cremonini and Sayed Kashua. The main cast of the film are Mohammad Bakri as Mohammad B, Hend Ayoub as Miriam B, Lior Millr as Commander Ofer, Tom Russo as Private Eial and Arin Omary as Samiah B. The film had been nominated for an Academy Award as a foreign language film from Italy but was later disqualified and led to the Academy later changing rules pertaining to foreign language films.

| 2005 | 1 hr 30 min | 6.9/10
Saverio Costanzo
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