Project ALF

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This heartwarming and over the top comedy tells the tale of the beloved television character, Alf. Alf has just been captured by the menacing Alien Task Force, or ATF. The ATF has gotten word that the little furry alien has plans of leaving Earth to return to his home planet. The Alien Task Force, which is a completely menacing subsection of the United States Military, is absolutely adamant to keep ALF on this earth. Absolutely unhappy with his new sanctuary, ALF flirts with his guards, giving them enough insight to the fact that he is a warm hearted creature. The good hearted personnel eventually break him out and try to help him as best they can.

1996 | 1 hr 35 min | 5.5/10
Miguel Ferrer, William O'Leary, Jensen Daggett, Scott Michael Campbell
Dick Lowry
Produced By
Tom Patchett
Project ALF
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