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"Can you still love someone that's done a terrible thing?"
  • 2016
  • 1 hr 47 min
  • 8.2  (119)

"Property of The State" is a heart-wrenching drama movie based on a true story that follows the life of Brendan O'Donnell, an Irish teenager who becomes infamous for his role in a double murder that took place in 1994. The film explores the controversial events that led to his imprisonment, and the harrowing journey he endures while fighting for his freedom.

The movie opens with Brendan, brilliantly played by Patrick Gibson, being released from prison after serving a long sentence. The camera then flashes back to the 90s when he was just a young boy, living with his parents in a small Irish village. The first act of the movie sets the scene and develops the characters of Brendan, his strict and abusive father, and the local social worker, Ann Marie played by Elaine Cassidy.

As the story unfolds, viewers see Brendan and his siblings being taken away from their family by social services due to his father's violent behavior. The authorities place the children in various foster homes, separating them from each other and plunging Brendan into a life of instability and loneliness. Finding solace in his love for music and poetry, Brendan is soon introduced to a group of troubled youths with whom he shares a bond of camaraderie.

It is in this group that Brendan meets Ann Marie, who becomes somewhat of a mentor to him. She helps him navigate his tumultuous adolescence, providing him with the support he needs to remain positive despite his challenging circumstances. During one of their sessions, Brendan confides in Ann Marie about a secret he has been keeping locked away, one that will inevitably change his life and that of two families forever.

"Property of The State" poses several questions about the criminal justice system, particularly with regards to minors. The plot takes a more serious turn when Brendan is arrested and charged with the murder of two elderly women. He protests his innocence, but his plea falls on deaf ears as the prosecution, along with the media and seemingly the public, depicts him as a ruthless killer.

The film then delves into the events leading up to the murders, portraying how Brendan is coerced into confessing to the crimes after being interrogated for hours. The narrative intensifies, as the story bounces between the courtroom and flashbacks, as it examines the emotional toll the trial is taking on Brendan and his family.

The lead performances in "Property of The State" are truly remarkable. Patrick Gibson delivers an incredibly raw performance as Brendan, highlighting his emotional turmoil and psychological struggles. Elaine Cassidy imbues her role as Ann Marie with compassion and sympathy for Brendan, which only adds to the poignancy of the film.

Director Kit Ryan creates stunning visual art in the form of a coming-of-age story that raises questions about power and authority. The film shines a bright light on the reality of the situation, capturing the beauty and tragedy of the human spirit with its themes of hope, betrayal, and despair.

In conclusion, "Property of The State" is a powerful and thought-provoking drama that showcases the harsh realities of juvenile injustice. It is a poignant reminder of the need for compassion and rehabilitation as opposed to punishment and retribution. The film is a must-watch for anyone who values social justice and the importance of fighting for what is right.

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    1 hr 47 min
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    8.2  (119)