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Harper's Island is a horror miniseries that aired in a 2008-2009 series. The show is set on an island that has had its share of tragedy. Abby Mills had vowed to never set foot back on the island where a gruesome number of murders happened. The killer John Wakefield was killed by Abby's father Sheriff Charlie Mills, but not before he brutally murdered Abby's mom and others on the island. The Sheriff then sent Abby away to get her away from the horror of what happened and this is the first time she has been back in seven long years.

Abby comes back along with many of her friends for the wedding of her best friend Henry Dunn. Henry has been inseparable for many years. Abby has a lot to confront when she comes back to Harper's Island including the boyfriend that she hasn't been in touch with since the night her dad put her on the ferry back to the mainland. Jimmy Mance is thrilled to see Abby again, as well as the others in the wedding party. There are many family and friends gathered on the island for the wedding of Henry and his rich girlfriend Trish Wellington. The guest list included everyone from the groom's playboy best friend to the brides happily married sister.

The massacre starts in the very first of the 13 episode series and at least one person will die in every show. Someone is back on Harper's Island, could it be John Wakefield? He's supposed to be dead but as the guests start to die gruesomely one by one it seems as if the madman is back from the dead.

The Sheriff thought that he had killed John Wakefield but as the show progresses it becomes more and more obvious that the killings are aimed at his daughter Abby. Why does someone want Abby's friends dead? What do the killings have to do with Abby and her dead mother? Mostly importantly of all, what do the killings from seven years ago have to do with the innocent people who are trapped on this remote island with a madman and no way to leave?

Harper's Island is a Drama series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on April 9, 2009. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.5.

Harper's Island is available for streaming on the CBS website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Harper's Island on demand at Amazon, Vudu, iTunes online.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
April 9, 2009
Cast: Elaine Cassidy, Christopher Gorham, Matt Barr, Gina Holden, Katie Cassidy
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Harper's Island Full Episode Guide

  • In the 2 hour season finale, eight out of the original 25 suspects strive to be one of the few survivors as all answers are revealed.

  • In the 2 hour season finale, eight out of the original 25 suspects strive to be one of the few survivors as all answers are revealed.

  • An explosion destroys the marina, forcing the group to retreat to safety and a secret is revealed leaving everyone terrified.

  • As night falls and the Island goes dark, the Killer's motives begin to come to light, as the survivors realize they must find Madison and the Killer, before more people die.

  • As the guests get ready to leave the island, one guest mysteriously disappears. Abby receives a phone call from someone threatening to kill the missing guest if anyone leaves the island.

  • The wedding guests begin preparing to leave the island but the Sheriff suspects that one of them is the killer. Some new information reveals an eerie connection between Abby and Wakefield.

  • After the deadly events at the rehearsal and with the wedding so close, Abby, Henry and J.D. try and solve the murder by themselves.

  • Some interesting facts are unveiled during a bike ride between a father and his daughter. Trish and Henry have an eventful wedding rehearsal.

  • Henry and his groomsmen make a bloody discovery while out fishing. Meanwhile, as Trish and her bridesmaids visit a psychic, Abby is the one she is strongly drawn towards.

  • When a local girl commits suicide, Abby insists that her father look into what happened. As the wedding nears, Trish must make her decision about Hunter.

  • As the wedding party embarks on a scavenger hunt, Trish confronts an old flame, Henry makes peace with some locals and Abby runs into a friend who is haunted by John Wakefield and the island's tragic past.