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"Thrills and Tears of Backstage Queens... To the Rhythm of Gay Music!"
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  • 1946
  • 1 hr 10 min
  • 5.9  (45)

Queen of Burlesque is a thrilling and seductive film about a young lady who sets out to become famous in the world of burlesque. The movie, which premiered in 1946, features the talents of the beautiful and charismatic actress, Evelyn Ankers, who plays the role of Dixie Daisy, a small-town girl with dreams of stardom. The film starts with Dixie Daisy arriving in New Orleans to begin her career as a burlesque dancer. With the help of her friend Mimi (Marion Martin), Dixie manages to secure a job at the Old Opera House, a famous burlesque theater run by a wealthy and eccentric man named B.F. Haggerty (Carleton G. Young).

As Dixie begins to perform, she quickly gains a reputation for her seductive and captivating routine. She becomes a crowd favorite, and her star begins to rise in the world of burlesque. However, Dixie soon finds herself caught up in a dangerous game of love and jealousy, as she becomes the object of affection for two men - the theater's pianist, and Haggerty himself.

As she tries to navigate these complicated relationships, Dixie also faces a number of other challenges. She must deal with the jealousy and animosity of her fellow performers, who are threatened by her increasing fame. She also finds herself targeted by a corrupt politician who wants to shut down the theater and put an end to burlesque shows altogether.

Throughout it all, Dixie remains determined and focused on her goal of becoming the Queen of Burlesque. She continues to perform at the Old Opera House, despite the threats and challenges she faces, and she eventually achieves her dream of stardom.

Queen of Burlesque is a riveting and engaging film that captures the excitement and glamour of the burlesque world. The film's stunning sets and costumes create a rich and immersive atmosphere, transporting audiences back to a bygone era of glitz and glamour. Ankers delivers a powerful and captivating performance as Dixie Daisy, bringing both vulnerability and strength to the role.

The film's supporting cast is also excellent, with Martin providing plenty of comic relief as Dixie's best friend, and Young giving a memorable portrayal of the eccentric and enigmatic Haggerty. The movie's villains are suitably menacing, and the film's tense and action-packed conclusion provides plenty of thrills and excitement.

Overall, Queen of Burlesque is a classic film that still holds up today, thanks to its timeless story of ambition, love, and success. With its captivating performances, beautiful sets, and thrilling plot, it's a must-see for fans of classic cinema and anyone who appreciates a good story well-told. Whether you're a fan of burlesque or simply love great movies, this film is sure to captivate and entertain you from start to finish.

Queen of Burlesque
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