Ramayana: The Epic

Ramayana: The Epic is an animated Indian Bollywood movie with colorful and brilliant colors. This computer generated film was directed by Chetan Desa and also produced by Ketan Mehta. The eye-catching animation has creative effects and pulls off the wonderful tale with great production. The effects and creation for the battle, Ravana's place and the sea were also quite spectacular. The animated tale of Ramayana was released on October 15, 2010 by Warner Bros, in India.

The animated movie of Ramayana is a good old fashioned fairy-tale of good over evil. The story-line retells the tale of Lord Rama. The events of the story take place from the time of Lord Rama's birth until his final battle with Ravan at Sir Lanka.

While some viewers may see this animation as too simple or not quite as spectacular as other well-known animated films, this particular film has actually come a long way in the country of India. In the past, India hasn’t had animation that has been up to the level of Disney Pixar films that have been watched in the United States, so the movie of Ramayana is a big step up.

The story of Ramayana has a wonderful tale to teach as you watch the animated movie. Even though there is a classic fairy tale, those who watch this movie can learn some true life lessons as well. This film helps us learn the importance of loyalty, devotion, the roles of family and how to have respect and kindness for our elders. This animated classic fairy-tale can be shared with the entire family, which helps us learn as we follow Ramayana on his adventure. Those who watch the movie will also learn what it takes to be a hero, to fight for those that you love and what you believe in.

For those who take an interest in foreign animation, a good fairy-tale and a movie that has life lessons all put into one, Ramayana: The Epic will be a movie that you can enjoy with everyone, both young and old. The animation may seem simple to some, but it is the tale and life lessons that you must pay close attention to. You can purchase the movie on DVD online if you would like to watch and share this epic tale with your family.

| 2010 | 1 hr 40 min | 6.0/10
Chetan Desai
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Ramayana: The Epic