Raven The Little Rascal

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  • 2012
  • 1 hr 13 min
  • 5.9  (182)

Raven The Little Rascal is a charming and heartwarming animated movie from 2012 that will captivate viewers of all ages with its delightful characters, engaging storyline, and beautiful animation. The movie follows the adventures of Raven, a mischievous and playful little rascal who lives in a cozy treehouse in the woods with his friends. One day, Raven decides that he wants to leave home and explore the world beyond the forest, and sets out on a thrilling journey, leaving his friends behind.

Along the way, Raven encounters a wide variety of animals and creatures, and soon finds himself in a world of adventure and excitement. He faces many challenges and obstacles, but with his courage, determination, and quick wit, he manages to overcome them all.

As Raven embarks on his epic journey, he discovers that there is more to life than just playing and having fun. He learns the value of responsibility, friendship, and loyalty, and discovers that the greatest adventure of all is the journey of self-discovery.

The voice cast for Raven The Little Rascal is superb, with Katharina Thalbach, Anna Thalbach, and Constantin von Jascheroff delivering wonderful performances as the lead characters. The animation is also top-notch, with breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, vibrant colors, and an abundance of cute and cuddly creatures that will warm your heart.

Overall, Raven The Little Rascal is a delightful and engaging movie that is perfect for families and anyone looking for a fun and charming adventure. It teaches valuable lessons about friendship, responsibility, and the importance of following your dreams, and will leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Don't miss out on this wonderful animated gem!

Raven The Little Rascal
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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    1 hr 13 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    5.9  (182)