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Revolver is movie rich in mind-bending metaphors that delves into the life of a man named Jake Green. Green is a successful gambling man who has gained enemies along the path to riches and is sitting on a 7 year sentence in solitary confinement. During his stint in prison, he befriends two men in the cells adjacent to him. One, a con artist, and the other a chess master, communicate with secret messages in books plotting the perfect con when one day they disappear leaving him alone and feeling duped for having told them about all of his stashed money.

After being released two years later, he finds all of his winnings are gone and sets out to win more money. He then meets up with the antagonist Dorothy Macha, a crime boss, for a hand of cards in a casino penthouse where he wins and humiliates the guy in front of all his people which results in Green getting a hit on his name.

| 1992 | 1 hr 36 min
Robert Urich, Dakin Matthews, Steven Williams
Gary Nelson
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