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"How Long Can a Man Hunt Someone That is Already DEAD?"
  • PG
  • 1973
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 5.7  (581)

Santee is a 1973 Western movie starring the legendary actor Glenn Ford, Michael Burns, and Dana Wynter. Directed by Gary Nelson, the movie is a story about a father's quest to protect his son from a group of outlaws who are out to kill him. The movie has all the elements of a classic Western – beautiful landscapes, horses, pistols, and shootouts.

The story starts with the introduction of the protagonist, Santee (Glenn Ford), a retired gunfighter who now lives on a ranch with his teenage son, Jed (Michael Burns). Santee is a devoted father who has been raising Jed alone since his wife's death. The relationship between the two is the heart of the movie. Santee is a proud and tough man who has a reputation for being a skilled gunfighter. He wants to protect his son from the life he used to lead, but he also knows that the only way to keep him safe is to teach him how to use a gun.

Jed is a rebellious and headstrong boy who idolizes his father. He wants to be like him and learn the ways of the gunfighter. Santee tries to discourage him from following in his footsteps, but Jed is determined. When Santee has to leave on a business trip, Jed decides to practice his shooting skills. He goes to a nearby town, where he meets a group of outlaws who are planning a robbery. They see him practicing with a gun and decide to kill him.

When Santee returns home, he finds out that Jed has been kidnapped. He knows that the outlaws will not let his son go and that his only option is to get him back himself. Santee sets out on an adventure to find his son and, along the way, he meets a widow named Benteen (Dana Wynter). Benteen is a strong and independent woman, and Santee is intrigued by her. The two of them develop a romantic relationship, but Santee's main focus is still on saving his son.

Santee's journey takes him through rough terrains, and he faces numerous challenges along the way. He has to deal with the harsh weather conditions, wild animals, and hostile outlaws. The encounters with the outlaws are the most thrilling parts of the movie. Santee's skills with a gun are put to the test, and he has to come up with quick and strategic moves to outsmart them. The shootouts are intense, and the sound effects are realistic, making the audience feel as if they are right in the middle of the action.

The movie's musical score is an added bonus. The composer, David Shire, did an excellent job of creating a Western-themed soundtrack that amplifies the film's overall feel. The music is an essential part of the storytelling, and it adds to the emotions the audience feels while watching the movie.

Santee is a classic Western movie in every sense. It has all the elements that make Westerns appealing – horses, guns, cowboys, and shootouts. The movie's story is well written, and the performances by the actors are excellent. Glenn Ford's portrayal of Santee is particularly impressive. He gives depth to the character and makes the audience empathize with him. Michael Burns also does a commendable job of playing Jed. He perfectly captures the teenage angst and rebellion that his character embodies. Dana Wynter shines in her role as Benteen. She adds a touch of femininity to the movie and brings balance to the predominantly male cast.

In conclusion, Santee is a movie that takes the audience on a thrilling ride. It's a story about a father's love and his determination to protect his son. The movie has all the elements of a classic Western and is a must-watch for anyone who loves the genre.

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