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Molly Keller (Cook) was so close to being murdered by this serial killer awhile back, as she was able to escape the island where she was taken. Five years have passed and she takes forensic psychology classes from the popular expert Marshall Kane (Payne). Those who are also in the same class as her are Jason Korda (Northcott), Chantal Etienne (Keim), Marisa Tavares (Brook), Eddie Sackman (Hamilton), Mary Anne Nordstrom (Evangelista), Aaron Kroeker (Stevens), and Andrea Carter (Vaugier).

During their class, Marshall makes a prank on his class students by pretending to kill one of his students to show them that anyone could be the murderer. After the class, Aaron reveals that he knows exactly what happened to Molly in the past, which obviously angers her because she really doesn't like to ever talk about what happened to her. Meanwhile, Eddie is hitting on Molly, but of course he is rejected by her.

In the evening, the group meets up for a study session without Aaron, but they start an argument all about Molly and her hostile attitude. They then decide to attend a party that is taken place in this abandoned building where Jason attempts to learn more about Molly, but she of course remains distant to everyone. Meanwhile, Marisa is having sex with this mysterious yet sexy masked man, right before she starts to hear Andrea and Chantal talking about her and her slutty ways. Marisa then decides to leave, however she is taken to this isolated floor of a building right by an elevator.

She soon gets attacked and is stabbed by the serial killer, and she falls out of a window. A chain is then wrapped around one of her ankles to catch her, and the killer rails her back up to continuously stab her. Right before he sent her frail body crashing through the window into the wild party below, Molly seems to suspect that something has happened.

| 2002 | 1 hr 52 min | 4.6/10
A.J. Cook, Bruce Payne, Ryan Northcott, Claire Keim
John Eyres
Produced By
John Curtis, Evan Tylor
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