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  • 1979
  • 7.0  (20)

Saanch Ko Aanch Nahin is a classic Bollywood film from 1979 directed by Satyen Bose, starring Arun Govil, Madhu Kapoor, and Sunder. The film revolves around the theme of honesty and its importance in life. The plot is centered on the story of a poor, honest taxi driver named Shankar, played by Arun Govil, who lives with his sister and mother in a humble dwelling on the outskirts of the city. Shankar is a simple and upright man who is content with whatever little he has in life as long as he can provide for his family. However, his world is turned upside down when he is falsely accused of stealing the valuable cargo from one of his clients.

Shankar finds himself in a difficult situation as his only means of livelihood is taken away from him. He is forced to fight for his dignity and reputation as an honest man, which has been tarnished by the accusations. At the same time, he also has to provide for his family, which becomes increasingly difficult as he is unable to find work due to his blemished reputation.

As the story progresses, Shankar meets Radha, played by Madhu Kapoor, a beautiful and kind-hearted girl who instantly takes a liking to him. Radha is impressed by Shankar's honesty and his unwavering commitment to his values. She helps him in his quest to clear his name and get back on his feet.

Through various twists and turns, Shankar finally manages to prove his innocence and regain his respect in society. The story also touches upon the themes of love, sacrifice, and loyalty and how they ultimately triumph over a corrupt and unjust system.

The performances in the movie are exceptional, especially that of Arun Govil who portrays Shankar with great sincerity and conviction. Madhu Kapoor is also brilliant as Radha, adding a touch of warmth and sensitivity to the film. Sunder, who plays a negative character in the movie, is also remarkable in his portrayal of a conniving and scheming individual.

The film's music, composed by veteran composer Ravindra Jain, is another highlight of the movie. The songs are simple yet beautiful and blend well with the overall mood of the film.

Overall, Saanch Ko Aanch Nahin is a timeless classic that tackles the themes of honesty and integrity in a compelling and heartwarming manner. It reinforces the importance of staying true to one's values and the power of love in overcoming even the toughest challenges in life. It is definitely a movie that leaves a lasting impact on the audience and is worth watching.

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