Mere Bhaiya

Mere Bhaiya is the film that shows a young man's bad choices and the repercussion of those choices. Laxmi finds her self living with her dad and brother after the death of her mother. Her family life becomes turbulent after her brother Subhash skips going to college and instead ends up falling in with a group of small time criminals. After numerous attempts at helping Subhas, her father ends up cutting off ties with him all together before leaving his legal practice. Looking to help her brother during this rough time Laxmi lends Subhas money which he never pays back. The money Laxmi is owed ends up causing her grief as it is needed for her upcoming marriage.

1972 | 2 hr 18 min | 5.9/10
Vijay Arora, Nazima, Suresh Chatwal, Anita Dutt
Satyen Bose
Mere Bhaiya
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Also directed by Satyen Bose

Also starring Vijay Arora

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