Jeevan Jyoti

This Indian romantic drama movie debuted in theaters in 1976. The film follows Shekhar, a young man from a wealthy family who lives with his widowed father Raja Kamlakar. When friends of the family ask for help in a wedding for their daughter Raja happily agrees and sends his son to the ceremony. A shocking event unfolds as Laxmi's groom Mohan is taken into custody by police for alleged crimes. Shekhar, arriving at the marriage ceremony decides to marry the upset bride and bring her home, despite a pre-arranged marriage with another woman. Will their marriage last and what of Mohan?

1976 | | 7.1/10
Vijay Arora, Bindiya Goswami, Rakesh Pandey, A.K. Hangal
Murugam Kamaram
Jeevan Jyoti
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Also starring Vijay Arora

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