Nagin Aur Suhagin

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  • 1979
  • 6.2  (13)

This 70s, Indian fantasy thriller was directed by Shantilal Soni and written by Vishnu Mehrotra. The film follows the tragedy of young and beautiful, Gauri who lives a peaceful life with her rich and well-to-do father. One day while she is absent from her house, Gauri's father kills a naag, a magical shape changing creature. Vowing vengeance, the naag's wife descends upon the unfortunate man and burns him alive, along with his home. Much later, a destitute Gauri chances across the female naag and helps her, the naag then pledges herself to the woman. Many years later this naag's assistence will be needed as she discovers a horrifying prophecy, one which would, if indeed it was true, claim the life of those dearest to her.

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    6.2  (13)