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Sarah is a film that was released in 1982 and it blends animation and live-action. The film is also known by the names Sarah the Squirrel and The Seventh Match. The movie is narrated by Mia Farrow. The film takes place during World War I and tells the story of one family's experience through the eyes of a little girl named Sarah. German soldiers invade the girl's country and she and her family are forced to flee from their home.

They escape to a wooden area, where they hide. The family must stay there hidden in the woods for a long time. Sarah's grandmother soon becomes very sick and her father decides to risk going back into town to get her medicine. He never returns. Shortly after that, Sarah leaves her family to go pick some berries. When she returns to where they were hidden, she finds that they are gone. It turns out that Sarah's family is Jewish and the Nazi soldiers have discovered their hidden place and arrested them. Only Sarah is spared.

Sarah searches but she is unable to find them. She then realizes that she needs to learn how to survive in the woods by herself. She begins to make friends with the animals and uses them for assistance and realizes that she must find a way to survive the difficult winter ahead. A squirrel, in particular, becomes her main companion but she also makes friends with a mouse and a wolf. Sarah finds out that there is a bridge in the woods that is used by the Nazis. She sees several fighters trying to destroy the bridge so the Nazis do not have a place to cross. The fighters try and they are unsuccessful. Sarah takes it upon herself to try and destroy the bridge. She uses all she has learned from being in the woods in her numerous attempts to destroy the bridge. Sarah feels as if she destroys the bridge, then the Nazis will be defeated and the war will be over. Finally, after trying for some time, Sarah manages to destroy the bridge.

However, the film ends on a bittersweet note because Sarah realizes that, even though she has successfully destroyed the bridge, she has not ended the war nor found her family. Sarah is not like most animated movies, it deals with very serious subject matter and it can be heart-breaking at times.

1982 |
Mia Farrow, Jacki Weaver
Yoram Gross, Athol Henry
Produced By
Yoram Gross
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Also starring Jacki Weaver