"A Reason To Live"
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This action drama unfolds around the consequences that ensue over the trade of guns taking place in India and how they affect the lives of countless others when these illegal arms wind up in the hands of terrorists. Ajay Singh Rathod is inspired to interrupt his studies to become a medical doctor when his older brother is killed in retaliation for his testimony against certain criminals and his father is kidnapped and loses his voice upon his release. Ajay decides to join the Indian Police Service in an effort to stop cross-border terrorism.

His friendship with a singer named Gulfam is tested, however, when Gulfam is secretly employed by the terrorists and is working behind Ajay's back to prevent a successful conclusion to his investigation of the gun running activities. When Ajay finally confronts Gulfam about his betrayal, there are tragic consequences for both men when Gulfam is arrested by Ajay on a charge of murder and Gulfam experiences intense guilt over what he has done to aid the terrorists.

Not Rated
| 1999 | 2 hr 35 min | 8.1/10
Aamir Khan, Naseeruddin Shah, Sonali Bendre, Mukesh Rishi
John Matthew Matthan
Produced By
John Matthew Matthan
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Also directed by John Mathew Matthan