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"The game has come full circle."
  • R
  • 2009
  • 6.0  (123,917)
  • 30

Saw VI is the sixth film in the Saw series, which is originally based on a guy named John Kramer or Jigsaw. However, Jigsaw isn't a killer; he abducts people who don't value their life and lets them play "games" to teach them a lesson. However, they only learn if they survive, but this usually means that somebody else has to die. The sixth is after Jigsaw dies and shows a guy named Mark Hoffman continuing his legacy after a woman named Amanda fails and betrays the purpose of the games.

Simone and Eddie wake up in a room where they are wearing harnesses on their head that have screws ready to puncture their temples. Simone wins by chopping off her entire left arm which has more flesh than Eddie's fat from his torso.

Mark Hoffman is released from a glass box and called by Dan Erickson. Hoffman is told that Lindsey Perez is still alive; this knowledge was kept a secret until Jigsaws's accomplice was noted. Hoffman bumps into a woman named Pamela Jenkins, but there's no recognition. Brushing it off, Hoffman finds Jill Tuck to tell her that he is now in control, Jill then hands him five photos of potential people to be taught a lesson.

William Easton, a health insurance executive, talks to Debbie, about a man named Harold Abbott. Harold died from an illness after his insurance policy was denied. Easton is kidnapped that night and wakes up in a vise that is supposed to get tighter around his body each time he breaths. A man named Hank also awakens in the same trap across from him. Nearby, a videotape from Jigsaw tells Easton he has an hour to survive four tests, or lose his family.

For the first one, Easton wins because he is able to hold his breath longer than Hank. Next, he must make the hasty decision of choosing either Allen or Addy. He chooses to save Addy, which means Allen must die. In his third test, Easton has to guide Debbie through a maze,when he realizes through X-rays that the key to her device is actually inside him. She attacks him, but her device fires a spear through her head. In the last test, six of his staff members appear chained to a spinning wheel. Easton has to choose two survivors before a shotgun kills them all, and he chooses Emily and Shelby, but he goes through pain, too, because a spike drives through his hand.

Brent and Tara watch these events and are in a cage below the observation room, while Pamela wakes up in a cage on the other side of them. Easton has flashbacks that reveal Jigsaw and him actually met previously. The reason Jigsaw chose Easton is because Jigsaw was denied coverage for his cancer, and he did not like Easton's way of who dies or lives.

Erickson calls Hoffman to tell him that Peter Strahm's finger prints were strange and a videotape they found did not match Jigsaw's voice. Erickson admits that he knows of Strahm's death and soon Hoffman's voice is discovered on the videotape. He kills everyone in the room, plants fingerprints from Strahm's hand, and sets the room ablaze.

Hoffman comes to the observation room and finds the blackmail letter he wrote to Amanda. He is the one truly responsible for her death because he tricked her into killing Lynn Denlon. The letter was set up by Jill and leads to Hoffman being electrically shocked at the end of Easton's tests. Pamela and Easton are actually family, while Tara and Brent are Harold's family. Tara is given the choice of killing Easton or freeing him using a marked switch, but is unable to, and Brent decides for her. Easton dies by having needles pierce his back that contain acid.

Jill makes Hoffman restrained and puts a reverse - bear trap on his head. She admits to him that there was one envelope left that had his photo. She leaves him with the intent of death and gives him 45 seconds on the clock without a key. Miraculously, he escapes his restraints and escapes the trap by placing the trap onto some bars. Although he survives, he has massive face damage.

Saw VI is a 2009 horror movie. It has received mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.0 and a MetaScore of 30.

Saw VI
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