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"Now Cinerama takes you on a manhunt----a suspense hunt---a thrill hunt---across an exotic world of excitement!"
  • NR
  • 1960
  • 2 hr 5 min
  • 5.5  (399)

Scent of Mystery is a 1960 British mystery film that tells the story of a writer named Oliver Larker who sets out to solve a murder case that is connected to a perfumer. The movie stars Denholm Elliott as Oliver Larker, Peter Lorre as the perfumer, and Beverly Bentley as the love interest of the main character. The story begins with Oliver Larker, a mystery writer, on a vacation in Spain. While on a train, he meets a beautiful woman named Sally Kennedy (Beverly Bentley) who catches his eye. Oliver soon finds himself attracted to her and they embark on a romantic relationship. However, his vacation is cut short when he receives a call from his publisher back in London, asking him to investigate a murder that has happened in Spain.

The victim is a wealthy businessman named Manuel Parras, who was killed during a bullfight. Oliver's task is to find out who killed Manuel and why. The only clue he has is a note that Manuel had written before his death, which mentions a perfumer named Ambrose Chapel. Oliver decides to visit Chapel's shop to find out more about him.

Upon visiting the shop, he meets Chapel who is fascinated by smells and the art of making perfumes. Chapel tells Oliver about his recent creation, a perfume called "Nosegay" which he claims will revolutionize the industry. Oliver becomes interested in the perfume and decides to test it out by visiting a nightclub where Sally works.

While at the club, Oliver witnesses a group of people discussing Nosegay and how it can be used for nefarious purposes. Oliver becomes suspicious of the people and believes that they may be involved in the murder of Manuel. He decides to investigate further and enlists the help of a local police inspector.

Together, they uncover a sinister plot involving Nosegay and its connection to Manuel's murder. The investigation leads them to a remote villa where they come face to face with the killer.

Scent of Mystery is known for being the first film to use the Smell-O-Vision technology, where scents were released in the theater to correspond with the scenes in the movie. However, the technology was not successful as it was expensive and not practical for widespread use. The movie was eventually re-released without the Smell-O-Vision technology.

Despite the technology's failure, Scent of Mystery is still an engaging mystery film with a well-written plot and interesting characters. The performances of the cast, especially Denholm Elliott and Peter Lorre, were praised for their depth and nuance. The movie also features beautiful locations in Spain, including Barcelona and Seville, which add to the film's overall aesthetic.

In conclusion, Scent of Mystery is a must-watch for fans of mystery films and those interested in the history of cinema technology. The story is engaging, the performances are excellent, and the locations are breathtaking. While the Smell-O-Vision technology may have failed, the movie itself remains a timeless classic.

Scent of Mystery
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