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  • 1988
  • 7.3  (698)

School on Fire is a Hong Kong action thriller film that was released in 1988, directed by Ringo Lam and starring Fennie Yuen, Roy Cheung, and Damian Lau. The movie follows a student named Wong Yi-Fei, played by Fennie Yuen, who witnesses a crime committed by a group of corrupted police officers. The incident leads to a series of events that puts Wong and her school in danger.

The film takes place in a corrupt and violent world where the police and triad gangs are in cahoots. Wong Yi-Fei is a student at the Holywood College, an elite school for the wealthy, who is struggling with the pressures of fitting in with her privileged classmates. Her life is turned upside down when she witnesses a group of police officers beating and extorting money from a shop owner. One of the officers, Inspector Dick Lee, played by Roy Cheung, is the father of one of her classmates, and he discovers that Wong saw his dirty deeds. Fearing that she might expose him, Inspector Lee decides to silence Wong by framing her for drug possession and murdering her father.

Wong manages to escape from the police and seeks refuge in her school, where she seeks help from her teacher Mr. Chan, played by Damian Lau. But her troubles are far from over, as Inspector Lee and his cronies are determined to eliminate her and anyone who gets in their way. The gangster leader Brother Smart, played by Tommy Wong, is also after Wong, as he seeks to reclaim the money that she inadvertently took from his drug deal during her escape.

As the lead character, Wong Yi-Fei is a strong and determined young woman who refuses to be a victim of corruption and violence. She fights back, risking her life and the lives of her classmates to bring the truth to light. Fennie Yuen delivers a powerful performance that captures the fear and vulnerability of a young woman caught up in a dangerous world, as well as the strength and resilience required to survive it.

Roy Cheung is equally compelling as the villainous Inspector Dick Lee, who is consumed with fear and greed that drives him to commit unspeakable acts. His portrayal of the corrupt police officer is chilling and unsettling, a testament to his remarkable acting.

School on Fire is renowned for its intense and realistic portrayal of the corruption and violence that plague the city of Hong Kong. The movie uses a gritty, documentary-style cinematography that captures the gritty and dangerous streets of the city. Ringo Lam's direction is tight and focused, keeping the tension high and the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the film. The action scenes are brutal and violent but also choreographed with precision and skill.

School on Fire is not just an entertaining thriller, but it is also a commentary on social and political issues of its time. The film exposes the dark underbelly of Hong Kong society, where the police and triads work together to maintain their power and control. It is a powerful indictment of the corruption and violence that is endemic in many parts of the world, and a call for justice and reform.

Overall, School on Fire is a gripping and compelling movie that is well worth watching. Its combination of action, drama, and social commentary makes it a timeless classic that remains relevant to this day.

School on Fire
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