Second Skin

"A beautiful woman. A deadly scheme. A perfect murder."

Sam Kane is trying to put his past behind him and has even started a bookstore in a new town. When a woman named Crystal is suddenly the victim of a hit and run accident outside his shop, he runs to her aid. Sam soon finds out that Crystal is running from a seedy character who is actively looking for her. He gets himself involved in a relationship with her, which puts him in the position to expose his own past. Second Skin reveals that sometimes no matter where you go, it’s virtually impossible to hide from your past.

| 1999 | | 5.2/10
Natasha Henstridge, Angus Macfadyen, Liam Waite, Norman Anstey
Gerardo Vera
Produced By
Andrés Vicente Gómez
Second Skin
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Also directed by Darrell Roodt, Darrell James Roodt

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