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  • 1981
  • 6.9  (15)

Shodh is a 1981 Indian film set in the rural areas of West Bengal, directed by Mrinal Sen. The movie explores the societal norms and cultural practices of rural Indian communities, particularly the exploitation of women and the struggle of the oppressed classes. The film stars Om Puri, Kanhu Bandhopodhyay, and Tapti Bhatachrjee in the lead roles.

The story revolves around a family living in a small village in West Bengal. They lead a happy, peaceful life until Adi (Om Puri), the eldest son of the family, becomes involved with a female dancer, and the family faces the wrath of the village. Adi's affair with the dancer gives rise to a series of conflicts that reveal the corruption, injustice, and inequality prevalent in the village.

The film's plot is a critique of the patriarchal setup of the society, where the male figures always have the upper hand. The film portrays the menacing influence of male privilege through the perspective of Chandi, Adi's wife, who is reduced to a subservient role due to the dominance of her husband.

Kanhu Bandhopodhyay, who plays Adi's father, delivers a powerful performance as a patriarchal figure who wields his authority over his family members, particularly the women. His character does not comprehend the modern world's sexual and emotional complexities and, therefore, is unable to comprehend the pain his son's infidelity is causing the family.

Tapti Bhatachrjee's character, Chandi, is a victim of the societal norms and is subjected to the worst sort of injustice. Her transformation from a naive girl into a strong and empowered woman is inspiring, and the audience gets to witness her journey.

The film's cinematography is excellent, reflecting the rural West Bengal ambiance, using a color palette that complements the film's rural setting. The movie's background score, which mainly utilizes traditional Indian music, is soothing and puts the audience in the right frame of mind while watching the movie.

Shodh is a hard-hitting film that demonstrates the societal and cultural issues prevalent in rural India. The film crew, led by Mrinal Sen, presents a remarkable story where the societal norms and traditions are challenged, and the oppressed fight for their rights. The film's portrayal of patriarchy and male privilege resonates with many people in countries with similar cultures and values, making the theme of the movie universal.

The film's ending is poignant and metaphorical, with the audience left to interpret the symbolism. The film is technically sound, with excellent performances and a wonderful storyline that will leave a lasting impact on the viewer. Anyone interested in Indian cinema or in the portrayal of social issues in a film will enjoy Shodh.

Overall, the movie is an excellent example of Mrinal Sen's directorial brilliance. His subtle way of conveying a powerful message through his works is something that makes him a distinguished filmmaker of the Indian cinema. Shodh is one of his finest films that deserves to be watched and celebrated for its cinematic brilliance and social significance.

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