Simon Magus

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This thriller takes an in depth look at a Jewish community struggling to come to terms with the changing World around them. A member of the community, Simon, comes up with a plan that will bring new people to the community, which involves building a railway station beside the existing village. The squire agrees to provide the land for the railway station, but a local Gentile businessman hears about the plan and decides to use Simon to secure the land for himself.

1998 | | 7.2/10
Péter Andorai, Julie Delarme, Péter Halász, Hubert Koundé
Simon Magus is a 1999 film directed by Ben Hopkins. [edit] Story A Jew named Dovid Bendel (Stuart Townsend) tries to revive his dwindling village by building a railway station next to it. The squire (Rutger Hauer) agrees to provide the land, on the cond
Simon Magus
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