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  • 2017
  • 2 hr 6 min
  • 5.2  (4,504)

Simran is a 2017 Indian heist comedy-drama film directed by Hansal Mehta and starring Kangana Ranaut, Sohum Shah, and Esha Tewari. The film follows the story of Praful Patel, a 30-year-old divorcee living in Atlanta who is grappling with debt and a relationship that has gone sour. She is an independent woman who works as a housekeeper in a hotel.

Praful is known to be a carefree and adventurous girl who loves to live life on her own terms. One day, while on a trip to Las Vegas with her cousins, Praful gets hooked on to gambling and loses all her money. She is left with no option but to borrow money from a loan shark, who eventually pressures her into becoming involved in a criminal conspiracy in exchange for waiving off her debt.

As the story unfolds, Praful finds herself in deeper trouble and becomes desperate to get herself out of the mess she has created. The movie manages to keep the audience engaged with unexpected twists and turns as the heist unfolds. Along the way, Praful puts herself in grave danger and faces grave consequences. Will she be able to make her way out of this mess and emerge victorious?

Kangana Ranaut delivers another power-packed performance as Praful Patel, completely immersing herself in the character. She manages to showcase the many facets of her character, from carefree and adventurous to desperate and vulnerable. The movie was mainly driven by Kangana's performance, and she manages to keep the audience engaged throughout the film.

Sohum Shah delivers an excellent performance as Praful's love interest, Sameer. He plays a pivotal role in helping Praful get out of her disastrous situation. Esha Tewari portrays Praful's cousin Amber, and she does a fantastic job in her supporting role.

The movie's direction by Hansal Mehta is commendable, and he manages to keep the story moving seamlessly. The film's cinematography is beautiful, and the music is enjoyable. The storyline is gripping and manages to keep the audience engaged throughout the film.

The film explores several themes, including money, ambition, greed, and hope. It highlights the consequences of one's actions when one is desperate and willing to do anything to get out of a difficult situation. The movie also showcases the importance of being able to rely on oneself and being independent.

Overall, Simran is an enjoyable film that manages to entertain while delivering a powerful message about the consequences of one's actions. Kangana Ranaut's performance is the highlight of the movie, and she manages to capture the essence of her character with aplomb. The film is a must-watch for fans of the actress and those who enjoy heist movies with a twist.

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