Sixteen Fathoms Deep

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Sixteen Fathoms Deep is an adventure film that was released in 1934. The film follows a sponge diver whose two wants in life are to be successful enough to support his girlfriend, and to own a boat for them to live on. The sponge diver does this by taking out a loan from a criminal, and soon learns that this was a major mistake. Meanwhile, a rival diver plots a plan to ruin the diver. This leads to the diver having to fight to save his ship and his future. Sixteen Fathoms Deep was directed by Armand Schaefer, and features performances by Sally O'Neil, Lon Chaney Jr., and Russell Simpson.

1934 | 1 hr 22 min | 5.6/10
Sally O'Neil, Lon Chaney Jr., Russell Simpson, Maurice Black
Irving Allen
Produced By
Irving Allen, James S. Burkett, Arthur Lake
Sixteen Fathoms Deep
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Also directed by Irving Allen

Also starring Sally O'Neil