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  • NR
  • 1992
  • 2 hr 32 min
  • 7.7  (6)

Sooriyan is a 1992 Tamil-language film that tells the story of two childhood friends Suriya (Sarath Kumar) and Chandru (Bala Singh), who grew up together but find themselves pitted against each other as adults due to their respective professions - one as a police officer, and the other as a smuggler. Directed by Pavithran, the movie starred Sarath Kumar and Roja in lead roles alongside Bala Singh, Manorama, and Manivannan.

The plot starts with Suriya and Chandru growing up as compatriots and thick friends in a village. Chandru is the son of the village miscreant who indulges in smuggling and other dishonest trades whereas Suriya is the honest and conscientious one who always tries to punish those who engage in illegal activities. As they grow up, Chandru finds himself immersed in his father's trade and starts engaging in smuggling activities himself. On the other hand, Suriya aspires to become a police officer and enforces the law strictly.

As Suriya comes closer to his dream and becomes a police officer, he starts cracking down on Chandru's smuggling business. The two friends find themselves at opposite ends of the law and engage in a series of confrontations over the course of the movie. Things start to take a turn for the worse when Chandru's father dies in a confrontation with the police, and Chandru takes over his father's business with even more venom.

Alongside the confrontation between the two friends, the movie also involves a romantic subplot involving Suriya and his sister's friend Anitha (Roja). Although Suriya initially tries to keep his distance from her, he finds himself falling in love with her later on. The romantic portions of the movie add a touch of lightness to the otherwise intense drama and action sections.

Overall, Sooriyan is a well-executed action-drama that keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats with its engaging storyline and fast-paced action sequences. The movie is notable for its portrayal of two friends who find themselves at opposite ends of the law but are still bound by their childhood friendship. The intricate storylines involving the two friends and their love interests are skillfully woven together to create a satisfying conclusion.

The acting performances in the movie are also noteworthy. Sarath Kumar shines in the role of Suriya, the honest police officer who risks his life to uphold the law. Roja is impressive as Anitha, who initially plays hard to get but later falls in love with Suriya. Bala Singh also delivers a convincing performance as Chandru, the smuggler who descends into darkness after the death of his father.

The music and visuals of the movie are equally appealing. The songs are well-choreographed and melodious, while the background score adds to the tension and drama of the movie. The fight sequences are realistic and well-shot, adding to the gritty realism of the movie.

All in all, Sooriyan is a movie that will appeal to those who enjoy action-packed drama with a tinge of romance. The story of two friends turned enemies is one that is sure to touch the hearts of many viewers, and the performances of the talented actors only help to elevate the movie to greater heights.

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    2 hr 32 min
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    7.7  (6)