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"The true story of a young woman who did what few in Nazi Germany dared even think!"
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  • 2005
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Sophie Scholl The Final Days is a 2005 German historical drama directed by Marc Rothemund, starring Julia Jentsch, Fabian Hinrichs, and Alexander Held. The movie depicts the true story of Sophie Scholl, a member of the White Rose resistance movement that opposed the Nazi regime during World War II. The movie takes place over a period of five days leading up to Sophie's arrest, trial, and execution, as she and her fellow members distribute anti-Nazi pamphlets in the city of Munich. The film is shot in black and white, which creates a tense and ominous atmosphere that reflects the fear and anxiety of the time period.

Sophie (Jentsch) is a student at the University of Munich, where she and her older brother Hans (Hinrichs) are part of a small group of students who are actively opposing the Nazi regime. Together with their friend Christoph Probst (Florian Stetter), they write and distribute leaflets that call for resistance against the regime and morality of the movement. As the group grows, they become more emboldened and their message becomes more direct and aggressive.

One day, Sophie and Hans are caught distributing the leaflets at the university, and they are arrested by the Gestapo. During her interrogation, Sophie is held in a small room with investigator Robert Mohr (Held), who attempts to persuade her to confess and betray her friends. Sophie remains steadfast in her beliefs and refuses to give any information to the interrogators.

Despite Sophie's unwavering resistance, her trial is merely a show trial, and she and her brother Hans are sentenced to death by beheading. In the movie, the lead-up to Sophie's execution is depicted with great tension, as her parents and other prisoners tried to visit her prior to her execution date. The last scene of the movie shows Sophie being led to her execution by the prison guards, where she meets her death with courage and dignity.

The film is a powerful portrayal of the dangers and realities of political resistance, especially under a totalitarian regime. Jentsch delivers an astounding and convincing performance as Sophie, capturing the young student's strength, conviction, and vulnerability. Her portrayal of Sophie as a woman who stays true to her beliefs in the face of overwhelming opposition, persecutions, and danger is inspiring.

In addition to Jentsch's impressive performance, the film is also enriched by the stunning cinematography by Martin Langer, which effectively sets the tone for the movie's intense storyline. The stark black and white visuals create a claustrophobic atmosphere that makes the audience feel like they are trapped with Sophie and the other underground resisters, making it impossible to look away.

Overall, Sophie Scholl The Final Days is a brilliant movie that delivers a powerful and emotional experience. It is a moving tribute to one of Germany's greatest heroes and a timely reminder of the dangers of authoritarianism and the importance of resistance. The bravery of Sophie and her fellow resisters should be celebrated and remembered by all those who value freedom, democracy, and human rights.

Sophie Scholl The Final Days
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