St. Louis Blues

"The glitter and glory story of the man whose rhythm and blues beat became all America's heartbeat!"
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In this fictional biography, singer Nat King Cole lends his incomparable voice to the character of William Christopher Handy; better known as W. C. Handy, the father of the blues. We follow Handy from the severe dictates of his preacher father in childhood, the blossoming of his musical talent, the challenges he faces as he strives to make it a career, his loves, tragedy and triumph. A stellar cast of African American performers of the day, including the sizzling Eartha Kitt and Cab Calloway. Also a cameo appearance by an enduring jazz superstar.

1958 | 1 hr 45 min | 7.2/10
Nat 'King' Cole, Eartha Kitt, Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald
Allen Reisner
Produced By
Robert Smith
St. Louis Blues
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Also starring Eartha Kitt