Still Waiting...

"The Saucy Sequel To"

Shenanigan's, the local restaurant in town, has just recently got some fierce competition next door called Ta-Ta's. Ta-Ta's has a wait staff that is nothing like the jumbled crew at Shenanigan's. Ta-Ta's offers half dressed girls serving up the drinks from the bar, where Shenanigan's is just a mismatched crew trying to have the best day ever. Denis, the manager at Shenanigan's, is trying his hardest to get promoted to district manager. There's only one small problem with Denis being promoted. The crew at Shenanigan's has to hit nine thousand dollars in one day. Instead of just telling the crew he wants promoted, Denis tells the Shenanigan's crew that the restaurant will close without reaching the goal. Calvin and Denis are complete opposites, but Denis refuses to let anything come between him and the promotion that he thinks he deserves. Everything finally comes to an end after work when the crews are at their after work parties.

| 2008 | 1 hr 28 min | 5.0/10
Jeff Balis
Still Waiting...

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