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  • TV-MA
  • 2004
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.1  (21,516)

Drawn Together is an animated sitcom that aired on Comedy Central from 2004 to 2007. The show was created by Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein, and it followed the lives of eight cartoon characters who were thrown into a house together and forced to live together. The show was known for its crude humor, pop culture references, and satirical commentary on society.

The cast of Drawn Together included Adam Carolla as Spanky Ham, a loud-mouthed pig; Jess Harnell as Captain Hero, a Superman-like hero with a severe case of narcissism; Abbey DiGregorio as Princess Clara, a mostly innocent, religious Disney princess; Jack Plotnick as Xandir P. Wifflebottom, a stereotypical effeminate video game character; Tara Strong as Toot Braunstein, a washed-up cartoon sex symbol; James Arnold Taylor as Wooldoor Sockbat, a naive and innocent children's show character; and Cree Summer as Foxxy Love, a sassy, African-American mystery solver.

The show revolved around the characters' interactions with one another as they took part in various challenges and competitions, with each character vying for the top spot. The humor was often crude and offensive, with jokes frequently targeting race, sexuality, and religion. But despite the offensive nature of the humor, the show was known for its sharp social commentary and satire.

One of the recurring themes on Drawn Together was the deconstruction of stereotypes found in cartoons and animation. The characters were all based on common cartoon tropes, such as the princess, the hero, and the villain. But the show took these stereotypes and twisted them in unexpected ways, often exposing the darker side of these classic archetypes.

Another recurring theme on the show was the blending of different styles of animation. Each character was drawn in a different style, based on different genres of cartoons. This allowed for the show to visit different worlds and genres, including superhero comics, children's shows, and anime.

Despite its popularity and cult following, Drawn Together was not without controversy. Many critics found the show to be offensive and vulgar, and some even claimed that it promoted bigotry and hate speech. However, fans of the show argued that it was a commentary on the state of modern society and the nature of reality television.

In conclusion, Drawn Together was a bold and controversial animated sitcom that pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable on television. The show was known for its sharp satire, twisted characters, and crude humor. While it may not have been for everyone, it was beloved by its fans for its willingness to take risks and tackle taboo subjects.

Drawn Together is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (37 episodes). The series first aired on October 27, 2004.

Drawn Together
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American Idol Parody Clip Show
14. American Idol Parody Clip Show
November 15, 2007
Our housemates find themselves in a singing competition that is strikingly similar to "American Idol."
Toot Goes Bollywood
13. Toot Goes Bollywood
November 8, 2007
The series finale finds the gang looking back at the season's misadventures as they participate in a singing competition to decide who will be going home.
Nipple Ring-Ring Goes to Foster Care
12. Nipple Ring-Ring Goes to Foster Care
November 1, 2007
Foxxy second guesses her promiscuous behavior after she has an argument with Toot. Meanwhile, Toot's makeover has her looking like a sacred cow.
Drawn Together Babies
11. Drawn Together Babies
October 25, 2007
Child care discovers that Ling-Ling is really 3 years old and place him under the care of Uncle Ben, the rice-maven. Meanwhile, a nipple ring gives Captain Hero special communicative powers.
Breakfast Food Killer
10. Breakfast Food Killer
October 18, 2007
Baby-size versions of the eight housemates are introduced. When their parents leave them with a mean babysitter, the tots' efforts to get even end up having deadly consequences.
Charlotte's Web of Lies
9. Charlotte's Web of Lies
October 11, 2007
When the mascot for Quackers cereal is murdered, Wooldoor gets the job. But his new Hollywood lifestyle leads to a Crunchberries addiction.
Lost in Parking Space (Part 2)
8. Lost in Parking Space (Part 2)
October 4, 2007
Spanky Ham has an affair with a spider. Meanwhile, Captain Hero attempts to bond with his nemesis, and Ling Ling reveals his longing to be a dancer.
Lost in Parking Space (Part 1)
7. Lost in Parking Space (Part 1)
November 15, 2006
Clara believes the Rapture has claimed her housemates. In actuality, they are at the mall, trapped in a compact parking space.
Captain Hero and the Cool Kids
6. Captain Hero and the Cool Kids
November 8, 2006
Captain Hero is desperate to hang out with the Cool Kids, like Spanky, Clara and Foxxy. Foxxy is desperate to save the world from a meteor.
N.R.A. y RAY
5. N.R.A. y RAY
November 1, 2006
Captain Hero is concerned about his social grouping, while Foxxy attempts to save the world from a meteor. Meanwhile, Ling Ling dabbles in cockfighting.
Unrestrainable Trainable
4. Unrestrainable Trainable
October 25, 2006
Captain Hero discovers an affection for guns and soon finds himself hunting with assault weapons. Meanwhile, Foxxy's grandson falls for Toot.
Spelling Applebee's
3. Spelling Applebee's
October 19, 2006
Captain Hero's inbred son has been wrecking havoc in town. Hero makes it his responsibility to teach his son how to be good.
Wooldoor Sockbat's Giggle-Wiggle Funny Tickle Non-Traditional Progressive Multicultural Roundtable!
2. Wooldoor Sockbat's Giggle-Wiggle Funny Tickle Non-Traditional Progressive Multicultural Roundtable!
October 12, 2006
Foxxy reluctantly participates in the house spelling bee despite a difficult spelling-competition incident in her past. Meanwhile, Captain Hero gets caught up in Clara's car-crash fetish.
Freaks & Greeks
1. Freaks & Greeks
October 5, 2006
A terminator tries to stop Wooldoor's new children's show from turning kids gay; Toot fantasizes about a Weiner Mobile.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 27, 2004
  • IMDB Rating
    7.1  (21,516)