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Drawn Together is an animated television show that is anything but politically correct. This show has situations that will offend just about everyone but manages to be funny at the same time. This show is making fun or reality television by putting very different characters together is one house.

The characters of the house include Captain Leslie Hero who is a parody of Superman only with post traumatic stress disorder and a perverted mind. Princess Clara is a pampered and raciest princess who is a parody of the Disney princesses. Wooldoor Jebediah Sockbat is a children' character gone wrong. He displays some behaviors that children should never follow. Foxxy Love is a ghetto musician who goes from overly friendly to beating on people within a matter of seconds.

Toot is an alcoholic retro sex symbol from the 1920s. She is a depressed and crazy version of Betty Boop. Ling-Ling is a take on Japanese animate who has superpowers yet does not speak a word that anyone can understand. Xandir Wifflebottom is a homosexual parody of video game hero. He tries to rescue the princess but often gets scared himself.

The last character Spank Ham is a perverted pig that is always ready with a dirty and offense joke. Put together these characters get in some unique situations with strictly adult comedy. It is not for the light hearted. There are several situations that many still wonder how they got shown on television. This show for those that like black comedy and adults that love animation.

Drawn Together is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (37 episodes). The series first aired on October 27, 2004.

Where do I stream Drawn Together online? Drawn Together is available for streaming on Comedy Central, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Drawn Together on demand at Apple TV+, CBS, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel, iTunes, Comedy Central online.

Comedy Central
3 Seasons, 37 Episodes
October 27, 2004
Animation & Cartoon Comedy
Cast: Adam Carolla, Jess Harnell, Abbey McBride, Jack Plotnick
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Drawn Together Full Episode Guide

  • Our housemates find themselves in a singing competition that is strikingly similar to "American Idol."

  • The series finale finds the gang looking back at the season's misadventures as they participate in a singing competition to decide who will be going home.

  • Foxxy second guesses her promiscuous behavior after she has an argument with Toot. Meanwhile, Toot's makeover has her looking like a sacred cow.

  • Child care discovers that Ling-Ling is really 3 years old and place him under the care of Uncle Ben, the rice-maven. Meanwhile, a nipple ring gives Captain Hero special communicative powers.

  • Baby-size versions of the eight housemates are introduced. When their parents leave them with a mean babysitter, the tots' efforts to get even end up having deadly consequences.

  • When the mascot for Quackers cereal is murdered, Wooldoor gets the job. But his new Hollywood lifestyle leads to a Crunchberries addiction.

  • Spanky Ham has an affair with a spider. Meanwhile, Captain Hero attempts to bond with his nemesis, and Ling Ling reveals his longing to be a dancer.

  • Clara believes the Rapture has claimed her housemates. In actuality, they are at the mall, trapped in a compact parking space.

  • Captain Hero is desperate to hang out with the Cool Kids, like Spanky, Clara and Foxxy. Foxxy is desperate to save the world from a meteor.

  • Captain Hero is concerned about his social grouping, while Foxxy attempts to save the world from a meteor. Meanwhile, Ling Ling dabbles in cockfighting.

  • Captain Hero discovers an affection for guns and soon finds himself hunting with assault weapons. Meanwhile, Foxxy's grandson falls for Toot.

  • Captain Hero's inbred son has been wrecking havoc in town. Hero makes it his responsibility to teach his son how to be good.

  • Foxxy reluctantly participates in the house spelling bee despite a difficult spelling-competition incident in her past. Meanwhile, Captain Hero gets caught up in Clara's car-crash fetish.

  • A terminator tries to stop Wooldoor's new children's show from turning kids gay; Toot fantasizes about a Weiner Mobile.

  • A clip show offering up the best of the past two seasons.

  • Clara gets an operation to remove her Octopussoir. The housemates believe that Toot is suffering from Alzheimer's and check her into a nursing home.

  • Clara undergoes a delicate operation, and the housemates decide to get Toot admitted to a rest home when they think she's suffering from dementia.

  • Xandir has yet to come out of the closet to his parents, so he asks the housemates to put on a reinactment of what would happen if he did to get himself prepared.

  • Captain Hero's competitive nature gets the best of him in preparation for the AIDS walk; Wooldoor's sweet tooth spells trouble at the mall.

  • Reporter Tim Tommerson, Captain Hero's alter ego, gets up close and personal with Xandir. The housemates want revenge on a magazine for a poor rating of the show.

  • Toot consults a how-to book to cheat at video games to get Xandir to go to her fat-camp reunion. Meanwhile, Wooldoor turns the house into a virtual barnyard with a real cow.

  • When Captain Hero's sidekick, Captain girl, dies, Wooldoor steps up to the role just in time to help stop the evil Mad Libber. Meanwhile, Toot adopts a baby to stop her depression.

  • Captain Hero is using his X-ray vision to spy on the girls in the shower. He ends up giving Foxxy a brain tumor, by using his X-ray to much. Captain Hero feels so guilty that he decides to give up his powers, but the only way to do that is fall off a horse, doing this makes Captain Hero a quadriplegic and puts him in a breath-controlled wheel chair.

  • Upon seeing the reality TV show "Super Nanny", Captain Hero purposefully acts out so he can summon Super Nanny and challenge her once and for all. Meanwhile, Ling Ling tries to get his driver's license. When he fails miserably, Wooldoor helps him become more "Americanized" so he can pass.

  • Wooldoor finally reaches puberty and can't stop masturbating. This leads to the "birth" of his magical Clum Babies, which have healing powers. Clara views it as an act against G-d and is on a mission to stop him.

  • Captain Hero gets a visit from his ex-girlfriend UFG (Unusually Flexible Girl) who reminds him of their marriage pact once they both hit 30. Foxxy Love tries to get the Foxxy 5 band back together so they can all reclaim their fame.

  • Captain Hero deals with depression stemming from the death of his parents with the help of therapy, then discovers that his parents are still alive! The rest of the cast starts a suicide hotline business and learns about responsibility and working together.

  • The Season 1 cliffhanger continues as the cast crash lands on a supposedly deserted island. Everyone, except for Toot, makes it safely back to the house, where they immediately interview potential new roommates, including Scorpion from the video game Mortal Kombat. They settle on Strawberry Sweetcake.