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  • 2008
  • 1 hr 43 min
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Storm is a legal drama that takes place in The Hague, Netherlands, at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. The movie, set in the aftermath of the Bosnian War, follows the trial of a high-ranking Serbian official, Nebojsa Zelenovic, who is accused of war crimes, including murder and rape. The prosecution team is led by Hannah Maynard (played by Kerry Fox), who is determined to bring justice to the victims of the Bosnian War, and is also dealing with her own personal demons. Zoran, her husband who was a photojournalist covering the war, has recently passed away, and she struggles with the grief of his loss. Despite her personal difficulties, Hannah is determined to ensure that Zelenovic is held accountable for his actions.

The defense team is led by Goran Duric (played by Dražen Kühn), a smooth and suave lawyer who is confident in his ability to defend his client. However, he faces a formidable opponent in Hannah, who is just as determined to bring Zelenovic to justice.

As the trial progresses, evidence of Zelenovic's atrocities and his role in perpetuating the war begin to emerge. The testimony of a key witness, a Bosniak woman named Ahmeta (played by Anamaria Marinca), who was raped by Zelenovic during the war, provides crucial evidence against him.

Stephen Dillane plays Judge Charles Barton, who presides over the trial. He is a no-nonsense judge who is determined to ensure that the trial is conducted fairly and impartially. He is also sensitive to the emotional toll that the trial is taking on both the witnesses and the lawyers.

As the trial reaches its conclusion, tensions rise and the stakes become higher. The movie raises questions about justice, forgiveness, and the role of international tribunals in bringing perpetrators of war crimes to justice.

One of the standout performances in the movie is by Anamaria Marinca, who portrays Ahmeta with raw emotion and sensitivity. Her character is a powerful reminder of the lasting effects of war and the necessity for justice. Kerry Fox also delivers a strong performance as Hannah Maynard, portraying a woman who is struggling to balance her personal and professional life, but is determined to see justice served.

The movie is directed by the German director Hans-Christian Schmid, who co-wrote the script with Bernd Lange. Schmid is known for his socially and politically conscious films that are often based on real events. Storm was praised for its sensitive portrayal of war crimes and for posing important questions about accountability and justice.

Overall, Storm is a gripping and thought-provoking legal drama that raises important questions about war crimes and the role of international tribunals. It is a well-acted and well-directed movie that is sure to leave a lasting impression on its viewers.

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