Strawberry Fields

"What Happend to Her? And the Strawberry Fields"
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Irene Kawai is a teenager of Japanese-American descent who lives in Chicago during the 1970s. She feels very troubled after coming across a photograph of her grandfather, a man she never met, pictured inside a World War II internment camp for Japanese Americans. After receiving visitations from her dead baby sister, Irene decides to make a trip with her boyfriend to the place where the actual Poston War Relocation Center was located in Arizona in order to come to terms with what happened to her grandfather.

1997 | 1 hr 30 min | 6.5/10
Suzy Nakamura, James Sie, Reiko Mathieu, Heather Yoshimura
Rea Tajiri
Produced By
Rea Tajiri, Jason Kliot, Hank Blumenthal
Strawberry Fields
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Also starring Suzy Nakamura