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Sally Field starred in this television movie about Sybil Dorsett, based on a real-life woman, who, during childhood, was physically abused by her mother. This role won Sally Field an Emmy for her performance as a woman with a multiple personality disorder. Ms. Dorsett blacked out and had over a dozen different personalities that had disassociated. Some of these personalities were young girls, some adult, and some of them were boys. Sybil had a disassociated self who represented her late grandmother, someone Sybil loved more than anyone else in the world.

When things got to be too much for this woman who taught young children, one of her selves, Vickie, sought out help from Dr. Wilbur. Little by little Dr. Wilbur was introduced to the other selves who told their stories about Sybil in an effort to try to save her. Of course, there was one disassociated self named Marcia who wanted to kill Sybil off.

1976 | 3 hr 18 min | 8.0/10
Joanne Woodward, Sally Field, Brad Davis, Martine Bartlett
Daniel Petrie
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