Tarzan and the Lost City

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The story of Tarzan and the Lost City takes place in the year 1913, during the night right before Jane and Tarzan's wedding. During this night, Tarzan gets a strange and unsettling vision of his homeland in serious danger. Seeing this, Tarzan is forced to leave Jane behind in Africa to go and help the animals in the village of his birthplace.

Meanwhile, a sosphicated adventurer named Nigel Ravens decides to travel to the city of Opar, in hopes of finding lost and ancient treasure.

However, Jane decides that she should follow Tarzan, while Tarzan tries to protect Jane from Nigel and his crew from finding them and harming his village.

| 1998 | 1 hr 23 min | 4.0/10
Casper Van Dien, Jane March, Steven Waddington, Winston Ntshona
Carl Schenkel
Produced By
Stanley S. Canter, Dieter Geissler, Michael Lake
Tarzan and the Lost City
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Also directed by Carl Schenkel