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"The future sucks."
  • R
  • 2001
  • 3.3  (3,130)

Teenage Caveman is a post-apocalyptic horror movie that premiered on the Syfy channel in 2002. Directed by Larry Clark, the film stars Andrew Keegan, Tara Subkoff, and Richard Hillman. Set in an unspecified future, the film portrays a world where human civilization has been destroyed by a cataclysmic event, and the remaining survivors have reverted to a primitive lifestyle. The film opens with a group of young people, all of whom are members of a tribe of post-apocalyptic cavemen, gathering around a fire to hear the tribal elder tell the story of the "Old World" as the group listens intently. It is revealed that this primitive community values only strength and aggression, with the young men of the tribe expected to demonstrate their worth by hunting and fighting.

The protagonist of the movie is a teenage boy named David, played by Andrew Keegan. David is unique among his peers in that he has never gone through the "change" - a ritualistic process where teenage boys of the tribe ingest an unknown substance that transforms them into aggressive, primal beings. As a result, David is much smaller and weaker than the other young men in his group, and is often bullied and humiliated by them.

Despite this, David is drawn to a rebellious girl named Sarah, played by Tara Subkoff. Sarah is the daughter of the tribe's leader, and is known for her fierce independence and refusal to conform to the tribe's strict rules. David and Sarah form a connection, and together they begin to question the rigid social order of their tribe.

David's journey is complicated by the appearance of a mysterious stranger, played by Richard Hillman. This newcomer is unlike anyone the tribe has ever encountered before - he speaks in a strange language, wears odd clothing, and carries strange artifacts. His arrival sparks fear and conflict among the cavemen, as they struggle to understand his presence and intentions. Meanwhile, David and Sarah begin to suspect that the stranger may hold the key to unlocking the secrets of the past, and uncovering the truth about their world.

As the story progresses, David and Sarah face increasing danger and hostility as they attempt to unravel the mystery of the stranger's true identity. Along the way, they must confront their own fears and doubts, and question the brutal methods used by their tribe to maintain control. The film is notable for its surreal imagery and use of color, which serves to underscore its themes of transformation and rebirth.

In conclusion, Teenage Caveman is a unique and provocative post-apocalyptic film that blends elements of horror, science fiction, and coming-of-age drama. With its striking visuals, intense performances, and allegorical themes, it stands as a cult classic of the genre, and a thought-provoking exploration of the human condition in the face of disaster.

Teenage Caveman
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