Tekwar: Teklab

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This 90s science fiction action adventure film was created by William Shatner and based upon his science fiction novels of the same name. Teklab is the third film in the Tekwar mini-series of films which consist of TekWar, TekLords, TekLab and finally, TekJustice. The plot is set far into the future and follows the adventures of intrepid police officer Jake Cardigan, who was framed for illegal drug possession and sentenced to solitary cryo isolation. To his very great surprise, he is released far ahead of schedule. Confused, he goes to visit a old friend and former partner on the force who works for the city's largest security firm. He is horrified to learn that the CEO of the firm, Walter Bascom, was behind everything. So Jake sets out to right old wrongs and bring down Bascom and his corrupt organization.

| 1994 | 1 hr 45 min | 6.0/10
Greg Evigan, Eugene Clark, William Shatner, Michael York
Timothy Bond
Produced By
John Calvert
Tekwar: Teklab
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