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  • 1994
  • 1 hr 26 min
  • 5.9  (388)

TekWar: TekLords is a thrilling sci-fi film released in 1994 which stars Greg Evigan, Eugene Clark, and Torri Higginson as its lead actors. The movie is a part of the TekWar TV series and is directed by George Bloomfield. The film takes place in the near future, set in the year 2044, where technology has advanced beyond belief. An ex-cop turned private investigator, Jake Cardigan (Greg Evigan), must take on a new challenge as he is hired to track down the TekLords, unscrupulous drug dealers who have taken over the city's streets with a new drug called Tek. The TekLords, led by the vicious and cunning Winger (Eugene Clark), are not only distributing the deadly drug but also using it to control people's minds and turning them into obedient slaves.

Cardigan takes up the case with his partner, Sid Gomez (Eugene Clark), and they soon find themselves in the middle of a dangerous and deadly conspiracy that threatens to bring an end to the city's peace. In their pursuit of the TekLords, Cardigan and Gomez come across a bright and ambitious scientist named Beth Kittridge (Torri Higginson), who has been working on developing a revolutionary new technology which they hope will help them in their fight against the evil drug dealers. But as they delve deeper into the conspiracy, they soon realize that their enemies are not the only ones they need to worry about.

The film is full of intense action scenes and suspenseful moments that keep the viewers hooked till the very end. The special effects and CGI are top-notch for a movie made in the 90s. The film's pacing is brisk and never allows the audience to get bored, as the story rapidly unfolds and new twists are revealed.

The characters are well written and well-developed. Greg Evigan's portrayal of Jake Cardigan is both charming and gritty, perfectly embodying the character's world-weary demeanor. Eugene Clark as Sid Gomez is also fantastic, providing the much-needed comic relief while never losing his focus on the mission at hand. Torri Higginson as Beth Kittridge is the heart of the film, providing the necessary emotional depth to balance out the high-octane action scenes.

The film's themes revolve around the dangers of addiction, as the Tek drug is depicted as a deadly and life-altering substance that can turn people's lives upside down. The film also touches upon the issue of power and control, as the TekLords use their own addictive substance to gain control over their followers and maintain their grip on the city's underworld.

Overall, TekWar: TekLords is a great sci-fi film filled with action, suspense, and intriguing concepts. The movie provides a thrilling ride that sci-fi fans will surely enjoy. The great performances, stunning visuals, and captivating storyline make TekWar:TekLords a must-watch for anyone who likes sci-fi or action movies.

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