"Buried alive! How much Shock can the human brain endure before it CRACKS!"
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Murder is afoot when a masked lunatic terrorizes a ghost town. One victim is found impaled in the cemetery. Another is buried alive. The man in the black silk stocking seems to delight in tormenting people. Marge is a young waitress whose own brother was driven insane, but she doesn't know why or how. Her boyfriend Ken wants to find out the reasons for his term paper on terror. He and Marge team up with another student to try to solve the mystery of the madman's motives. But things go from troublesome to terrifying when the psychopath comes for them.

| 1963 | 1 hr 25 min | 4.3/10
Rod Lauren, Steve Drexel, Tracy Olsen, Stephen Roberts
Lew Landers
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Also starring Rod Lauren