Thangathile Vairam

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Jem, a newly recruited police officer, has been assigned to be partnered with Sam, a hardened veteran officer who has served many years as a valued member of the municipal police forces. Fortunately for Jem, Sam takes a keen interest in making sure Sam will be prepared for the gritty reality of crime in their city. Jem has read many books on criminology and has made the root causes of criminal behavior his passion, but Sam has a different view of the best methods to control criminal behavior, namely harsh punishment. Jem will be forced to make some tough choices.

1975 |
Kamal Haasan, Sivakumar, Jayachitra, Aachi Manorama
K. Sornam
Produced By
Anjugam Pictures
Thangathile Vairam
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Also starring Sivakumar